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Dining Tables

Choose from the wide range of Dining Tables by Exclusive Furniture World.

150cm Rustic Round Dining Table 150cm Rustic Round Dining Table
Model: 7434914850827
Rustic round dining table,150cm Dimensions: H78 x W150 x D150 cmMaterial: Hardwood (white cedar)EAN: 7434914850827Packing Specs:2 parts - 0.861cbm 72kg..
Model: 7434914750790
Distressed round dining table, 145cm Dimensions:H77x W145 x D145 cmMaterial:White CedarEAN:7434914750790Packing Specs:2 parts - 0.858cbm 65kg..
Model: 5027015055714
Mahogany coffee table louis xv french120cmx80cmx44cm. The table shows extremely high levels of detailing, especially on sides and top of the legs. An extremely well built, sturdy product. Measurements (W x D x H): 118cm x 46cm x 78cm.    EAN: 5027015055714..
Model: 6490164981750
Round Pedestal Acorn Dining TableDimensions:H76.5 x W150 x D150 cmMaterial:Reclaimed Pine WoodEAN:6490164981750Packing Specs:2 parts - 0.861 CBM - Weight 60 KG..
Model: 6490164077378
Round pedestal dining table, acorn 120cm Dimensions:H78.5 x W120 x D120 cmMaterial:Reclaimed WoodEAN:6490164077378Packing Specs:2 parts - 0.476 CBM - Weight 48 KG..
Rustic Acorn Table 120cm Dining Table Rustic Acorn Table 120cm Dining Table
Model: 7434914750783
Pedestal dining table, rustic acorn 120cm Dimensions:H75 x W120 x D120 cmMaterial:White CedarEAN:7434914750783Packing Specs:2 parts - 0.476cbm 47kg..
Model: 7434914850810
Rustic Acorn Table 150cm Dining Table Dimensions:H76.5 x W150 x D150 cmMaterial:White CedarEAN:7434914850810Packing Specs:2 parts - 0.861cbm 72kg..
Model: 6490164078146
Weathered Pine Pedestal Dining Table Dimensions:H76 x W240 x D95 cmMaterial:Weathered Pine WoodEAN:6490164078146Packing Specs:3 parts - 0.70 CBM - Weight 95 KG..
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