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Display Cabinets

Choose from the wide range of Display Cabinets by Exclusive Furniture World.

Concave Wooden Display Cabinet Concave Wooden Display Cabinet
Model: WFA52
Wooden display cabinet, concave Dimensions: H207.5 x W159 x D59 cm / Height between each shelf – 20 cm (bottom shelf height 55cm) / Height of lower cupboard shelves 21.5cmMaterial: White CedarPacking Specs: 2 parts – 2.138 CBM – Weight: 115KG..
French White Display Cabinet French White Display Cabinet
Model: FWF26W
French cabinet, white display, with Tempered Glass ShelfDimensions:H188 x W50.5 x 38.5 cmMaterial:Hardwood + MDFEAN:6490164078177Packing Specs:1 part - 0.426 CBM - Weight: 33KG..
Large Grey Dresser Display Cabinet Large Grey Dresser Display Cabinet
Model: DBC01
Dresser display cabinet, large grey Dimensions:H230 x W175 x D46 cmMaterial:Mahogany + MDFEAN:6490164077682Packing Specs:2 parts - 1.842 CBM - Weight: 130KG..
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