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Hair Care

Choose from the wide range of Hair Care by Exclusive Furniture World.

Conditioner hair treatment for dogsOur perfectly pH balanced conditioner hair treatment for dogs works to effectively:Softens the hair for smoother brushing and detanglingMoisturise hair and improve hydrationReduce oiliness from the hairMinimise damage caused by sun & UV exposureEAN: PBCHTD..
Deep Clean Dog Shampoo Deep Clean Dog Shampoo
Dog shampoo deep clean Purplebone peach, pear & kiwi deep cleaning & deodorising dog shampoo works to effectivelyCleans away dirt and grease;Deodorising strong nasty smells like fox pooBrightens lighter coloured hairProtect skin from exterior damageMoisturise hair and hydrate drynessEAN..
Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
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Oatmeal dog shampooOur perfectly balanced oatmeal and coconut dog shampoo works to effectively:Clean away dirt and unwanted greaseSoothe sensitive skinMoisturise hair by hydrating drynessDeodorise nasty smellsEAN: PBODS0..
Tea Tree Dog ShampooOur perfectly balanced tea tree and peppermint dog shampoo works to effectively:Relieve itchy discomfortFight against infectionAntioxidants repair skinMoisturise drynessCleans away dirt and greaseDeodorise nasty smellsEAN: PBTTDS..
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