Buffet Sideboards & Blanket Box

Buffet Sideboards & Blanket Box

Choose from the wide range of Buffet Sideboards & Blanket Boxes by Exclusive Furniture World.

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Aged Ivory Sideboard

Aged Ivory Sideboard Dimensions:H91 x W209 x D53 cmMaterial:Mahogany WoodEAN:7434914850841Packing Sp..


Breakfont White Mirror Front Sideboard

Breakfont White Mirror Front SideboardDimensions: H 90 x W 180 x D 50 cmMaterial: Hardwood + MDFPack..


Classical Distressed Sideboard 206cm

Classical Distressed Sideboard 206cmDimensions:H87.5 x W205.5 x D52 cmMaterial:Mahogany Wood & M..


Classical Grey Sideboard

Classical Grey Sideboard Dimensions:H86 x W200 x D50 cmMaterial:Mahogany WoodEAN:7434914850834Packin..


Distressed Aged White Brush Painted Classical Sideboard

Distressed Aged White Brush Painted Classical SideboardDimensions     H90.5 x W200 x ..


Distressed Painted 4 Door Sideboard

Distressed Painted 4 Door SideboardDimensions: H90.5 x W201.5 x D44.5 cmMaterial: Mahongany woodPack..


Distressed White Large Buffet Sideboard

Distressed White Large Buffet SideboardDimensions:H86 x W195 x D50 cmMaterial:Mahogany + MDFEAN:6490..


French Cream Sideboard

French Cream SideboardDimensions:H 85.5 x W 157.5 x D 50 cmMaterial:Hardwood + MDFEAN:7434914441452P..


French Style Antique Silver Sideboard

French Style Antique Silver SideboardDimensions:H 85.5 x W 157.5 x D 50 cmMaterial:Hardwood + MDFEAN..


French Style White Sideboard

French Style White SideboardDimensions:H 85.5 x W 157.5 x D 50 cmMaterial:Hardwood + MDFEAN:74349144..


Oriental Ornate Antique Silver Sideboard

Oriental Ornate Antique Silver SideboardDimensions:H82.5 x W153 x D45 cmMaterial:Hardwood + MDFEAN:7..


Rustic Wooden Large Buffet Sideboard

Rustic Wooden Large Buffet SideboardDimensions: H86 x W195.5 x D51.5 cmMaterial: White CedarPacking ..


Venetian Silver Mirror Sideboard

Silver Mirror SideboardDimensions:Size: H 92 x W 136 x D 40 cm - Product has Internal shelvesMateria..


Wooden Rustic Large Buffet Sideboard

Wooden Rustic Large Buffet SideboardDimensions:H80 x W180 x D42 cmMaterial:Reclaimed PineEAN:6490164..