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Golden Rocket Storage Ornament 22cm

Golden Rocket Storage Ornament 22cm    A unique golden storage pot in the shape of a ..


Large Cockerel Decoration 24cm

Large Cockerel Decoration 24cm    A beautiful free standing large Cockerel made out o..


Large Hen Decoration 24cm

Large Hen Decoration 24cm    A beautiful free standing large Hen made out of ceramic ..


Large Pink & Gold Swan Head 40cm

Large Pink & Gold Swan Head 40cm    A detailed fabric swan head with a crown and detai..


Large Silver Fish Decoration 50cm

Large Silver Fish Decoration 50cm    A stunning large triangular fish ornament with a..


Large Silver Pineapple Ornament 28cm

Large Silver Pineapple Ornament 28cm    A stunning pineapple ornament made out of res..


Large Silver Tree Ornament 42cm

Large Silver Tree Ornament 42cm    The tree is made out of aluminium with a fine dott..


Metal Leaf & Flower Tray Ornament 31cm

Metal Leaf & Flower Tray Ornament 31cm    A beautiful ornament in the shape of a ..


Pair Of Angel Wings 50cm

Pair Of Angel Wings 50cm    Two beautifully designed angel wings made entirely out of..


Palm Leaf Wall Decoration 47cm

Palm Leaf Wall Decoration 47cm    A gold painted leaf decoration with a gold painted ..


Phrenology Head 29cm

Phrenology Head 29cm    A large cream phrenology head made out of dolomite with a smo..


Plastic Display Dome 16.5cm

Plastic Display Dome 16.5cm    A display dome with a black painted wooden base and a ..


Resin Cherub 30cm

Resin moulded seated stance with a Cherub in silver finish. Overall height from toe to head 31cm, ma..


Resin Cherubs 23cm

Resin moulded standing Cherubs in silver finish.  Overall height 24cm, max width across wing ti..


Round Deco on Base 47cm

Round Deco on Base 47cm    Large aluminium deco on base with a gold painted finish. S..