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Choose from a wide range of Ornament by Exclusive Furniture World.

Model: 5024418124740
Large Silver Tree Ornament 42cm    The tree is made out of aluminium with a fine dotted detail scattered across parts of the exterior. A perfect addition to your home décor.  There are four rubber pads on the solid mango wood base to prevent movement and marking surfaces. This is..
Love Word Block 28cm Love Word Block 28cm
Model: 5025192306735
Love Word Block 28cm    A lovely word block with aluminium text that spells ‘Love’ on a solid wood base with wood knots. A fine dot detail can be seen on the letters exterior. A great gift idea for friends and family! There are four pads on the bottom to prevent marking surfaces. ..
Model: 8720093801736
Mandala Carved Elephant    An elephant ornament with a beautiful engraved design which draws inspiration from famous patterns such as Mandala, Henna and Paisley. The elephant has an ultra realistic design combining the natural form of the Elephant with the Asian inspired patterns.&nbs..
Metal Hen and Chicken 36cm
Model: 4053268155308
Metal Hen and Chicken 36cm    A metal cockerel figurine and a metal hen figurine pair.  Both the hen and the cockerel have a quirky design that uses simple colours and shape to make them both eye catching.   Measurements: W22cm D10cm H36cm. The Cockerel measures 22cm x ..
Model: 5024418192336
Metal Leaf & Flower Tray Ornament 31cm    A beautiful ornament in the shape of a leaf and flower with an intricate exterior. Would look great in a variety of home displays with its detailed design. The ornament is made out of a robust and durable silver metal. Measurements: W31cm ..
Metal Love Letter Ornament Metal Love Letter Ornament
Model: 5025192283548
A metal love letter ornament with a chrome finish and brown solid wooden base. The base has four raised rubber pads to prevent scratching. Measurements: W30cm D5.3cm H19.5cm. The base may vary a few mm due to it being hand made.    EAN: 5025192283548..
Natural Rattan Heart Large 50cm
Model: 5025192255286
Natural Rattan Heart Large 50cm    A heart made out of a natural rattan that has been intricately intertwined. The heart has a rustic theme to it being made out of natural rattan. The heart is supported via an internal frame to support the rattan. Measurements: W48cm D9cm H49cm. ..
Pair Of Angel Wings 50cm Pair Of Angel Wings 50cm
Model: 5024418123880
Pair Of Angel Wings 50cm    Two beautifully designed angel wings made entirely out of a robust high quality aluminium. The design is intricate with copious amounts of detail shown across the various layers of feathers on the wings.  These wings would make a stunning addition to a..
Model: 5024418189428
Palm Leaf Wall Decoration 47cm    A gold painted leaf decoration with a gold painted finish. This unique design has copious amount of detail throughout. It can be hung on the wall or placed on the side as a decoration In any room of the house. Measurements: W47cm x D41cm x H6cm. ..
Model: 5024418187813
Phrenology Head 29cm    A large cream phrenology head made out of dolomite with a smooth glazed finish. The head has an extremely detailed and colourful design throughout the exterior.  The head can be removed so it can be used as a vase for your flowers! The head has multiple ab..
Model: 5010792421919
Reflections Bronzed Squirrel 11.5cm    A sitting squirrel ornament gazing into the distance with its front paws held together. A high amount of detail can be seen across the squirrels design, especially on its tail, fur and face. The squirrel is made out of resin with a bronze painted..
Model: 5027015022259
Resin moulded standing Cherubs in silver finish.  Overall height 24cm, max width across wing tips 20cm, depth 15cm, base 12cm x 9cm. The two cherubs stand closely together reading a book. Plenty of character with this excellent addition to any home.    EAN: 5027015022259..
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