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Buffet Sideboards & Blanket Box

Choose from the wide range of Buffet Sideboards & Blanket Boxes by Exclusive Furniture World.

Model: LWR07
Ivory sideboard, aged Dimensions:H91 x W209 x D53 cmMaterial:Mahogany WoodEAN:7434914850841Packing Specs:1 part - 1.043cbm 61kg..
Model: FWF501
Mirrored sideboard, breakfont white Dimensions: H 90 x W 180 x D 50 cmMaterial: Hardwood + MDFPacking Specs: 1 part – 0.840 CBM – Weight 60KG..
Model: DWS02
Distressed sideboards, classical 206cmDimensions:H87.5 x W205.5 x D52 cmMaterial:Mahogany Wood & MdfPacking Specs:1 part - 1.23cbm 84kg..
Distressed Curved Sideboard Distressed Curved Sideboard
Model: DWS12
Distressed sideboard, curvedDimensions: H85 x W195 x D50.5 cm / Interior cupboard shelf height 30.2 cm / middle cupboard opening Width 80cm / Cupboard depth centre cupboard 39.5Material: White Cedar Wood & MDFPacking Specs: 1 part – 0.839cbm 71kgEAN: DWS12..
Model: DWS01
White sideboard, distressed large buffet Dimensions:H86 x W195 x D50 cmMaterial:Mahogany + MDFEAN:6490164077668Packing Specs:1 part - 0.839 CBM - Weight: 51kg..
Model: WFA09
Painted sideboard, distressed 4 door Dimensions: H90.5 x W201.5 x D44.5 cmMaterial: Mahongany woodPacking Specs: 1 part – 0.818 CBM – Weight: 82kg..
Model: FWF350
French sideboard, style white Dimensions:H 85.5 x W 157.5 x D 50 cmMaterial:Hardwood + MDFEAN:7434914441476Packing Specs:1 part - 0.840 CBM - Weight 60KG..
Model: KFA142
Mirror door sideboard wooden ornate carved Dimensions: H 94 x W 190 x D 46cm / CUPBOARD SHELF (TOP AND BOTTOM): H 37cm x W 90 x D 38cmMaterial: Mango WoodWeight: 95KGCarton CBM: 0.98Parts: 1..
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